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Module 1 - Run your first tests with Gatling (Scala)

The objective of this module is to give you an introduction to Gatling, and get you up and running with the tool as quickly as possible for FREE.
By answering the quizzes, you will get your certification!
The module is divided into 3 sections.

What's included?

Section A - Gatling Overview and Installation

In this first section, the course begins by exploring Gatling from scratch, assuming no prior knowledge or experience with the tool. The following is covered in this section:
  • Overview of the Gatling tool, and why it is such a powerful tool for load testing
  • Instructions for installing the prerequisites needed to develop Gatling scripts effectively
  • How to install Gatling, either with a standalone download or through a build tool such as Maven, Gradle and SBT

Section B - Gatling Script Creation

This section will see us generate our first Gatling script against a real web application, then begin editing that script in our IDE to make it dynamic and ready for load test execution. The following is covered in this section:
  • Recording a user journey in our target application under test
  • Using the Gatling Recorder application to turn our recording into a Gatling script
  • Editing the script in our IDE to make it dynamic and able to handle different test data

Section C - Gatling Test Simulation Design, Execution & Reporting

With a working Gatling script now created, in this section we will begin designing our load testing simulation. We will see how to execute a Gatling stress test, and analyse the results report produced. The following is covered in this section:
  • Explanation of open vs closed workload models, and how Gatling supports both
  • Execution of a Gatling test, both via the standalone version of Gatling and through a build tool
  • Analysis of the graphical load test reports produced at the end of each test run