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Benefits of our training programs

Optimized Performance and Scalability

Master Gatling to evaluate and enhance application performance. Simulate loads and traffic peaks to ensure scalability and resilience, preparing your system for high-traffic events and maintaining smooth user experiences for business success.

Improved Delivery Speed and Efficiency

Accelerate development with early detection of performance issues. Our practical Gatling courses enable early performance testing, leading to faster debugging, quicker turnarounds, and efficient project delivery without compromising quality.

Cost-Effective Operations and Sustainability

Optimize resource use with effective load testing to reduce costs and environmental impact. Our training emphasizes inOps and GreenOps, guiding you to make infrastructure decisions that lower expenses and support sustainability.







Get Closer To Your Goals

Accelerate your career in software development with Gatling Academy's targeted training programs. Our courses equip you with critical skills with Gatling for load testing, helping you ensure that your applications perform flawlessly under pressure. You'll learn to simulate high traffic, improve response times, and optimize resource use, enhancing both the user experience and operational sustainability.

Register for our free courses today and start getting closer to achieving the robust, efficient, and scalable applications your company and customers deserve.

Our courses

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With Scala scripting

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