Module 1

Run your first tests
with Gatling

The objective of this module is to give you an introduction to Gatling, and get you up and running with the tool as quickly as possible.

Module 2

Load Test an
eCommerce Website

Take your knowledge and understanding of
Gatling to the next level, by creating a Gatling load testing framework from scratch against a working eCommerce solution.

Module 3

Load Test a Restful API

Are you looking for a way to create a REST API that stays performant and resilient under high load?
Our third module has been built for you: you will learn how to load test a REST API with Gatling.
creative module 3 load test api

Learn Gatling you own way

The Gatling Academy modules are built around Java and Scala. Take your pick and follow the modules!


  • I finished the course and I don't see the certificate.

    The certificates are not directly linked to our modules. If you are interested in a certificate, you must buy it.

  • I bought a certification but I don't find the certificate.

    The certificate won't appear directly in your course. You must "claim" it in the dedicated section.